Dick? Like a man-dick?

It's just been revoked.

BE MY PET!!!!! *rubs the kittens roughly*
hey to everyone who wants to be my friend(which is almost no one =T T=)
and to everyone who is already my friend
here are some things i would like to happen in ze ideal situation:
if you wanna add me please go ahead; but comment to let me know who you are!!!
if you do add me it would be nice to have comments from everyone once in a while just to know that you care :)
if you want me to add you just ask me
i will most likely just add you
be friendly and nice
tell me if i'm being a dildo
i want the world to acknowledge my existence please.

ever since i took a break from here, kpop has been taking over my life....
did i ever mention how much i love kpop? well i listen to it like every day since like a year ago. im going to proceed to listing my favorite (and one of my least favorite girls) in kpop. Firstly, SNSD's Sunny<3 my role model in cuteness because she just oozes natural aegyo charm, and she's looking sexier now that she got that haircut, just take a look:

i mean she's just so gorgeous and she has a great and adorable voice. she even looked cute before her haircut:

this is the essence of angelic charms and beauty and i look up to her cuteness so much. we're about the same height, which also makes me happy~
the girl i DISLIKE of the group, however, is Yoona:

it's not that she isn't pretty, it's just that shes not THAT pretty. honestly i don't see what's so special or great about her and why everyone loves her so much. she can't sing, she's not especially talented at dancing, i don't see why everyone acts like she's the most beautiful girl ever, she doesn't bring much to the table as far as personality goes, and she's not photogenic in any way (contrary to when everyone claims "oh she's a great model" etc etc.). she has two looks: the condescending fake half smirk as seen above and here:

and here:

and here:

hell, you would think they're all the same picture basically. LOL or she has a blank expression, as seen here:

and i just don't get why she's so great for those two poses. *smacks head* i just don't get it. i could see why people like tiffany:

(much more beautiful than yoona, don't you think?) or yuri:

(because she's kinda hot) or even jessica:

(because she's pretty too) but i don't see why people think yoona looks better than them and i definitely don't see why people think she looks better than sunny~ *tsktsktsk*
okay, next on the list is amber from F(x) because i find her very cute and pretty regardless of her boyish clothing, and she's different from most kpop females:

i also think sulli is really cute too and i like how she has full lips (like myself, i might mention):

and the rest of the girls (victoria, krystal, luna) are cool too also. i pretty much like everyone in the group.
well that's all for now, i'll continue my post/rant about kpop girls later (and i'll mention guys too *hint hint GIKWANG <3 squeals*) but now ill leave you with: a picture of a jpop star just to mix it up; it's
A-chan from Perfume, a j-pop group. A-chan's smile could make the sun come out on a cloudy day~

haven't been here in quite a while??.... well there's an app for that.
yeahh i know, haven't visited, blah blah blah. well i know. it's cuz, well i'm on mangatoshokan.com and 2leep.com soooo much that there hasn't been much time. and y'know, that's how it be sometimes. plus i don't know if i really have anything interesting to write about at all. except maybe my internship at the Oakland Museum planning a Loud Hours event. and my ideas for it.... well the first things that popped into my brain were: Cats
and music....... no pic? okay. and well, just other shit so yeahh. well i'm just gonna see where that leads me. oh yeahh!! and they're paying me for this!!!

every belief calls themselves the truth... but how true is that statement???

i was recently on www.religioustolerance.org when i realized that (almost) every belief claims to be the absolute truth and says that everyone else is doing it wrong, not just the JW. Roman Catholics and Mormons and Muslims and Orthodox Jews claim the same thing!! But that must mean that none of them are 100% absolute truth because they all have messed up somewhere and they all have conflicting beliefs. So how could any of them be the full 100% truth from God if they're all saying different things??? =+.+= they couldn't. I'm not saying that they don't have parts of truth in them, or that they're all mainly wrong. I'm just saying that none of them is 100% right like they think they are because if they all were, they'd all agree on everything. so yeahh. i think that things have gotten so twisted and changed and mistranslated over time that nobody's really doing everything they're supposed to be doing. Nobody can be the TRUE faith if you look at it like that. Sure, some people may disagree with my opinion on this and say that their belief is the right one, but as for me, i just take whatever good things i hear from any religion and use them. I'm still a non-denominational Christian, i just think that some things are not for us to know, i think that people have messed with the Bible and put some of their own message in it and taken things out, but i think that for the most part, it's truth. I think God allowed people to mess with the Bible over the years to test his true followers, to help them find the true interpretation and meaning of the Bible. However, i think that there are things in the Bible that are and should remain a mystery because no one really knows what it means, and they should leave it at that. God will reveal the truth in time to everyone. And no one is better than anyone else. True Christian unity should mean to unite with all Christians based on the similarities, regardless of trivial differences in religion.

ringtone actually made my boobs grow!!!
omg this ringtone called rockmelon actually made my boobs grow, not by a whole lot, but by enough that people (including myself) have noticed that my boobs are bigger. and my bras are very small and tight on me now!!! yay!!! i listened to it 20 times a day basically every day for a few weeks and voila!! bigger boobs. im still listening to it cuz i do want them to be bigger than this, so im trying to get my maximum growth from it. but i never believed that it would work, but it did!!! and i know its not weight gain cuz i actually lost weight so yeahh!!! im so glad that something works thats natural. now i just hope that the size gain will stay and not drop back down in the next few months.

ass could use some work....
sure i have an ass, some would say large, but not large enough. not in comparison to the people with the nice thick asses. i hate being another teen with a ton of body issues. how is it that i can be kinda curvy and yet not curvy enough? because the curves i have are nothing in comparison to what i want. maybe some (no offense) white people would call me curvy, but that isn't the curvy i want. i want thick. not just "fit" or "athletic" or whatever. whats the point of getting into shape if you can't even have your dream body, if you just have to accept the body you hate? im gonna have to resort to FUCKING ENHANCEMENT PILLS or FUCKING SURGERY if nothing changes. im not the type that just accepts the things about myself that i hate cuz its supposedly "unique" or whatever. why is it that other people can have an amazing body they always wanted and i have to work my ass off and take on a ton of stress just to find myself beautiful??? and i REFUSE to accept myself as beautiful the way i am. i am not beautiful the way i am, at least not in my mind. i have GOALS to fulfill, unlike other people, and i can't fulfill my goals looking like that. i HATE accepting 2nd or 3rd place just cuz i have to. i've been doing that shit my whole life and im tired of it. why couldn't i just be born with what i wanted or just get it overnight like the other lucky ass bitches (no offense-just venting). why can't I choose my uniqueness? i want to be soft, feminine looking, fertile looking, curvaceous, beautiful. people already think my personality is manly. i don't wanna have a manly personality and a manly figure, i wanna at least have a feminine figure so people can know that no matter how manly i am, im still a true woman. and no, exercise doesn't fix it, it just tones and firms, im not concerned with firming right now. im concerned with growing T & A. i do not think its that beautiful to just be slightly curvy, cuz when you stand next to a truly curvy (but not too curvy) person, you may as well be completely flat cuz no one wants to look at that. if someone can love themselves looking like that, more power to them. but i refuse to be happy with being a step away from AWESOME. i have to reach my ideal of awesome or else im just a failure, like with everything else. and i change my ideals for no one except God. and no, this isn't peer pressure or the media taking a toll on me, it's mainly just me wanting what to fulfill my dream and freaking out cuz im not there yet, and its almost at the point as to where im fully grown, therefore i have almost no chance of my body getting the way i want if i look the same by next year. then ill have to take those damn pills or save up for some retarded ass surgery. im 17 years old, this is pretty much the time when a girl stops developing. and if thats the case for me (which it seems to be) im shit out of luck besides taking pills or something. ARRRRGHHH FML sosososososososooooooo much. complete FAIL.

not rape but damn near....
what is up with all the(non-rape)rape going on in anime/hentai. if they like it, its not rape. so yeahh. LOL.

i should post......
i threw it on the ground. yeahh. and im sooo bored. why is it that whenever im online no one else is?

okay!!!! i'm sorry. hey don't try to blame me for what you did.
IDK why i put that as my title, it just was random. i'm boooooreed. it feels like i haven't seen or read any anime or manga in ageeees!!! i'm going through an anime drought!!!!! NOOOOOOOO

dude.... i HATE that song.
i used to hate "party in the USA" now i kinda like it although its soooo played out =v v= and i don't like "LoveGame" by Lady GaGa or "Alejandro" cuz they just sound so bleh. "LoveGame" sounds like she's trying too hard to be sexualized or something, like she isn't oversexualized enough already. not that i'm saying that i dislike Lady GaGa or anything, i like most of her music and how weird she is, it's just that sometimes it seems like she's trying way too hard to shock the world or something. its like she's one of those loud people you know who is kewl and everything but they're loud ALL THE TIME!!!!! it's like, yeah they're kool and everything but sometimes it's like "tone it down a bit." and the lyrics to "Alejandro" and "LoveGame" suck balls!! no offense or anything, but was she like half-asleep when she wrote them??? Did she even try??? or does she just think that everything she writes will be good as long as it's controversial?? IDK, but i think they suck. and i don't care if it has a good deep meaning or something, the music sux. i know my GaGa can do a lot better. I'll even quote Katy Perry when she was talking about Miley Slutbag and say: "i love that ho." so yeahh.
and i haven't talked about anime or manga lately. maybe cuz i haven't really read any manga lately. i've been busy with my new laptop and reading about the history of Japanese schoolgirls and how important they are. LOL.


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